Friends have told you about acupuncture before and what it did for them. Did you know that it may be helpful for you as well? The nice thing about a procedure like a micro needling treatment in Lakewood, CO, is that it makes use of your body’s ability to heal while not interfering with any other solution you’re using. If you’re suffering from any of the following three conditions, looking into this approach is worth the time and effort.

Aches related to some form of arthritis can be treated using this approach. Many patients report that undergoing treatments on a regular basis helps to ease the discomfort that comes with trying to move stiff joints. It also helps to improve the range of motion that can be managed without experiencing a lot of pain.

Help with headaches is another example of what can be done. Using this type of needling can ease the muscle constriction that inhibits blood flow and leads to the pounding in the head. Don’t be surprised if the headaches occur less frequently and are not as severe while you continue the treatments.

It’s not just about physical discomfort. Many people turn to a round of micro-needling treatment in Lakewood, CO, to help with emotional disorders. From Generalized Anxiety Disorder to panic disorder to mild or moderate depression, the treatments do seem to make a difference. It may be the addition to your present treatment regimen that allows you to begin feeling like yourself again.

If you’re curious about what needling could do for you, set up a consultation and examination. You may be surprised to learn what a difference a few treatments would make.