4 Ways to Pick a Great BBQ Joint

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Restaurants

For lots of people, love of barbecue is in their blood. If you feel the same, then finding the best BBQ restaurant in Madison WI must be a never-ending search and pursuit for you. Here’s how to pick one to add to your list of favorite joints.

You see or smell the smoker

You’ll often smell the aroma of smoking meats a block away. If you don’t see or smell the smoker, though, they may not be cooking fresh every day, the Thrillist says. You’ll want to check out other options instead.

The meat lacks flavoring

A lot of fake BBQ joints will use their sauce to disguise the fact that their meat doesn’t taste of or hold any flavor of real smoke. Chuck that up to another disappointment and move on. However, if the joint’s sauce is famous and it’s won awards, that could mean that the sauce and meat are in perfect harmony. If you find a BBQ restaurant in Madison WI like that, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

The menu is all wrong

BBQ joints tend to be all about the barbecue. But if they have a hundred dishes on the menu, too many regional styles of barbecue or a hundred craft beers on tap, then that may mean that the focus isn’t on the smoked meats. If you want great barbecue, then look for a joint that focuses on the dish.

It doesn’t taste right

Some BBQ joints will tell you that their ribs fall off the bone. Many amateurs will take this as a sign that the meat is tender. However, true BBQ lovers know that the BBQ wasn’t smoked or barbecued. Cue in the flavorless, mushy or overcooked meat and you know you’re at a bad joint.

Learn how to spot a fake BBQ restaurant. Keep these observations in mind.

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