5 Questions Before Getting a Prosthetic Eye

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Orthotics & Prosthetics Service

You’ve seen eye prosthetics before, usually in films. If you’re thinking about getting onein this—here are some questions you might find yourself asking. By going over this information, you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll be dealing with and what to expect when you get an eye made of prosthetics.

Can I Use It in Everyday Activities?

Yes, you won’t have a problem running around or engaging in sports. You can swim and ski with your prosthetic eye on. You can also shower without the need to take it out.

Can I Cry While Wearing It?

You can still cry, even when you’re wearing a prosthetic eye. Tears are made in your eyelids, so having a prosthetic eye doesn’t have any effect on that.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of the Eye?

Sometimes. You’ll need to discuss this with your insurance carrier. Reach out to yours and find out if your plan covers the cost of a prosthetic eye. Sometimes, they might only cover a portion of the bill.

Will It Move with My Other Eye?

A common worry that people getting a prosthetic eye in NYC have is whether the eye will be in sync with their current one. The good news is that the prosthetic eye moves in sync with your one good eye especially when you get a surgical eye inplant. Speak to your ocularist about these options. That way, the eye made of prosthetic will look natural.

How Will I Clean My Prosthetic Eye?

Caring for you prosthetic eye takes attention. Cleaning it daily is critical. Using proper ocular solutions and drops for comfort is important. Use of sterilized saline solution daily is a practice you will need to do. Your ocularist can guide you on specific drops and solutions.

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