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by | Jul 27, 2018 | Law

Elderly family members often require care around the clock. When this becomes necessary, they are often placed in nursing homes. The promises of attentive nurses, 24/7 monitoring, and access to health care are welcome words to exhausted relatives. All too often, nursing homes hire minimally qualified applicants and fail to follow proper procedures. This can lead to patients with intensified health issues and fatalities. Overworked individuals can also become frustrated with challenging patients. Nursing home abuse can also result in serious physical and emotional trauma. You can find help for your loved one in Joliet.

Proving Abuse

Abuse cases that involve nursing homes can be hard to prove. The victims may have trouble speaking or remembering the offenses. Family and friends must check on their loved ones regularly to recognize abuse in its early stages. Once the issue is apparent, the evidence is necessary to pursue lawful repercussions. Your lawyer is going to need your help gathering this evidence. Take pictures of any unusual marks on the person’s body. Pictures of bruises and cuts can help to prove your case. Bring in a doctor that is not affiliated with the nursing home to do an assessment, as well. Provide your lawyer with all records.

Recognizing Abuse

Abuse can be difficult to recognize for elderly people, as well. They often bruise easily just attempting normal daily activities. When they cannot speak clearly or cognitively, their cries for help may go unnoticed. Family members know their elderly loved ones best. Any sudden change in attitude or physical ability should be taken seriously. Take notice of strange marks on the skin and question the excuses given by staff. Claims of mental abuse should be taken seriously, as well.

Abusive behavior by nursing home staff can be difficult to ascertain. Elderly patients should be checked on regularly by family members and doctors. Proper proof is necessary for placing fault.

Nursing home abuse can be stopped. Seek help from Block, Klukas, Manzella, and Shell, P.C. in Joliet, or visit them online at

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