One of the options that couples have when going through a divorce is to seek divorce mediation. Going through the divorce mediation process with a Long Island NY Divorce Attorney or a professional divorce mediator may be a better choice for your particular situation than going to court and all that entails. Divorce mediation is a much more informal process than going to court. The divorce mediator’s job is to help the couple come to a resolution that best meets everyone’s needs, including any children they may have. The divorce mediator or attorney will meet with both parties and listen to their sides of the story as individuals and listen to what their needs are.

The Long Island NY Divorce Attorney is someone you can trust. It’s important at this time to establish clear and open communication. While it may be very difficult and stressful to speak with your spouse, that is what the divorce mediator is there for, to give you an impartial third party who is looking out for the best interests of all parties involved. You can ask any questions and let the attorney know what kinds of expectations you are hoping for. The attorney will advise you according to legal principles and help both parties come to a resolution that best meets both their needs.

Each couple may have extenuating circumstances that the attorney will take into account, starting with division of property, assets, and debts. There may be issues involving deciding on child custody, determining child support, and deciding upon spousal support. If necessary, the attorney will be able to refer you to child psychologists, financial planners, accountants, and other experts.

Divorce mediation helps reduce the stress of divorce by taking place in an informal setting as opposed to the formal and intimidating setting in a courtroom. Divorce mediation is less expensive than a divorce. Just like most attorneys, divorce mediation attorneys may provide a free half-hour consultation so that you can meet, determine the attorney’s style and personality to see if you can work with that person, and hear their legal advice so you can make the most informed decision possible about whether to choose divorce mediation.

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