In Washington, air conditioning units keep homes at a comfortable temperature each year. When replacing an existing system, several factors are considered by the contractors. All details about a new unit are discussed with the property owner. A local contractor explains details and factors related to Air-Conditioning Equipment in Ferndale WA.

The Right Capacity for the Property

The capacity defines the abilities of the air conditioning unit. Contractors examine the dimensions of the home and determine what air conditioning capacity is right for the home. The right capacity keeps the entire property cool throughout the summer and keeps the owner and their family comfortable.

Understanding the Electrical Requirements

The contractor evaluates the wiring system and electrical requirements for the air conditioning unit. Wiring compatibility is vital for all air conditioning systems. Incompatibilities could lead to power surges and potential electrical fires. It will also damage the new air conditioning unit.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The right air conditioning unit improves the energy efficiency of the home. Most contractors recommend installing a new thermostat with the air conditioning system for ensuring accurate temperature readings. Thermostats that work properly won’t acquire inaccurate readings that cause the system to engage irregularly.

Contractors evaluate other factors that lead to inaccurate readings, too. Drafts and openings around windows and doors could lead to higher energy consumption. When reviewing systems, the contractor recommends a system with a higher energy star rating.

Maintenance Requirements for the Air Conditioner

Maintenance of the air conditioning unit also presents costs for the property owner. Seasonal cleaning is necessary to prevent blockages that could lead to improper circulation of the air. Components must be tested regularly to determine if they are faulty. Ventilation systems are cleaned each season, too.

In Washington, homeowners purchase new air conditioners when their existing unit isn’t operating correctly. The new unit must provide the right capacity according to the square footage of the home. The electrical requirements determine if the unit is right for the wiring system and what additional equipment is needed. Property owners who want to learn more about Air-Conditioning Equipment in Ferndale WA contact for more information right now.

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