A loved home is a lived in home, and lived in homes get dirty. Family, friends, neighbors, children, pets … these many feet and hands all take their toll. We tend to vacuum, mop, clean our bathrooms and sweep our floors on a regular basis, but upholstery cleaning? Not so often. Yet our furniture takes almost as great a beating as do our floors, especially if we have children and pets. With regular Upholstery Cleaning Silverthorne Colorado, we eliminate dust, dirt, mites, stains, pet hair and allergens, all while prolonging the life of our upholstery and furniture. A home where the upholstery is cleaned on a regular basis looks and smells cleaner, and is a healthier home in which to live. Smells are a great indicator of your home’s true cleanliness. It might look clean, but if it doesn’t smell clean, it probably isn’t. Nothing holds odors like carpets, drapes, and upholstery.

It always pays to have upholstery cleaned by experts. They have professional quality cleaning solutions and equipment, and know how to determine which products are suitable for your particular upholstery. When you shampoo your upholstery at home yourself, it often take days to dry, which can cause mildew and mold to develop, as well as that “sour” smell. A professional upholstery cleaning agency will generally have your upholstery dry again within just a couple of hours. They can also, once the upholstery is clean and dry, seal it with a special protective coating that will repel dirt, dust and liquids spills in the future, so it will stay clean for a longer period of time.

Clean upholstery feels better to sit on, smells better (and thereby affects the overall odor of your home), and looks newer. Clean upholstery lasts longer. By regularly having your upholstery cleaned you extend its life and avoid shelling out the big bucks for expensive replacements or re-upholstering.

Finally, when cleaning your furniture’s Upholstery Cleaning Silverthorne Colorado, don’t neglect area rugs, draperies and wall coverings. Many upholstery cleaning firms also clean rugs, drapes and walls … and offer discounts on this work when they’re already there in your home.

Enjoy the inexpensive pleasure of coming home to a truly clean home, one that when you open the door and walk in the door smells sweet, clean and well, like home!