Kitchen cabinets are an often-overlooked part of most homeowners’ kitchens. While the average homeowner gives little thought to the look of their cabinetry, over the years, the wear and tear from constant use will become painfully obvious.

If your cabinets are in need of sprucing up, a simple facelift for your cabinets can completely transform your kitchen. Read on for great ideas for kitchen cabinetry upgrades.

Give Your Cabinets a Color Boost

If you’re a fan of the contemporary style, think about painting your cabinets a more colorful tone. Using the boldest color choices like green, yellow, or orange for your kitchen cabinets will make a bold statement in your home.

If bright colors are too overpowering, consider more neutral tones. Colors like white, blue, and grey make enough a statement without being too loud.

Install Floating Cabinetry

Homeowners that are interested in a more contemporary look in their homes should install floating kitchen cabinets. Lower floating kitchen cabinets showcase the flooring in your kitchen and open the space up. Ergonomic and functional, this is an upgrade that is sure to modernize any space.

Reface Your Old Cabinets

Want a simple way to get fresh kitchen cabinetry in Dayton, OH? If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to makeover your kitchen cabinets, consider cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is one way to make your current cabinets look new.

This affordable technique gives your kitchen a complete cabinet makeover with new covers, updated doors, and upgraded drawer fronts.

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