With the hot and humid summers of the Charlotte region turning more intense in recent years, homeowners are seeking to maximize their indoor cooling without compromising their energy efficiency. Depending on factors such as the total area to be cooled and the layout of the home, an evaporative cooler installation may be a good idea.

Evaporative coolers, often referred to as swamp coolers, are more commonly installed in regions where climate zone conditions tend to be dry and airy. In Rock Hill and the rest of South Carolina, swamp coolers are not so common because this is a humid subtropical climate zone. Humidity is what makes hot summer days feel like you are breathing in a sauna; to a certain extent, evaporative cooling introduces moisture to the indoor air, and this is not the most efficient solution during days when the humidity index is extremely high.

In general, swamp coolers are more energy-efficient than central or split-mini air conditioning systems; however, in South Carolina they are not commonly installed as standalone solutions. Some homeowners in Rock Hill run swamp coolers from June to September. Others prefer to install a swamp cooler as a dedicated cooling unit; for example, for cooling a loft space or separate structures such as accessory dwelling units.

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