How to deal with smelly Drains in Henderson, NV

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Smelly drains are a common occurrence in many homes. They can be quite a bother if you do not know how to deal with them. If you find yourself with smelly drains in Henderson, NV you should not panic. Before embarking on a full throttle drain dismantling exercise it is important to establish the cause of the smell. You should check whether the problem could be with the drain pipes. To do this, check the sink trap. If the situation is not dire such that you require the services of a professional plumber to fix the drain, then you should follow the steps below;

Option 1

You should first try to get rid of the smell coming from the drain. To do this, pour about 2 to 3 cups of vinegar down the drain. Wait for about 2 hours then pour hot water through the drain. This should wash away any pungent smells emanating from the drain. The drains should now smell of vinegar. If the bad odor is still there, repeat the process but this time let the vinegar sit for a bit longer. The scent of vinegar should disappear with time.

Option 2

A mixture of lemon juice and salt is usually a very effective way to get rid of pungent smells in the drain. Squeeze a freshly cut lemon into a cup and mix it with some salt then pour it down the drain. Let the concoction sit for some time, preferably an hour or so. As with option 1, run hot water down the drain and the pungent smell is bound to have disappeared. The only scent left should be that of lemon.

Option 3

Baking soda makes a very good remover of offensive smells. If you have a problem with your drain in Henderson, NV then you should consider using baking soda to solve your problem. Pour some baking soda down your drain. You can add some vinegar to make the concoction more potent. The reaction between vinegar and baking soda helps to clear the drain of any matter that is producing the offensive smell. You should let the mixture sit overnight then run hot water down the drain first thing in the morning. The pungent smell should have cleared by now.

The results from these techniques are not permanent and you need to regularly clean your drain to prevent recurrence. To keep your drain at its best, ensure that you pour a cup of vinegar down your drain on a regular basis. This will prevent the accumulation of residue that could cause offensive smells. If you wish you can purchase off the shelf drain cleaners but they are more expensive than the solutions above.

If you encounter any problems or none of the above techniques work then you should consult a professional plumber as they may be best placed to determine where the problem could be. You can easily get a plumber to fix your drain in Henderson, NV at very affordable rates.

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