People usually get along, but when they don’t they will separate and go their own way, unless one person has a problem letting go. In this case, a person may need to get a restraining order against the party who can’t let go, and legal authorities will have to get involved. A Restraining Order Lawyer in Oceanside CA helps clients who are in situations where they need legal advice concerning restraining orders against their spouses or other individuals. Here is information that parties should know about restraining orders in California.

About Restraining Orders in California

A restraining order will be necessary when there is a breakdown in communication between individuals and one of the parties need to be legally ordered to stay away from the other one. In California, there are three types of restraining orders that can issued: an emergency protective order (EPO), a temporary restraining order (TRO), and a permanent restraining order. An emergency protective order is issued when a dire situation arises, such as a domestic violence emergency with child abuse, elder abuse, or spouse abuse.

More about Restraining Orders in California

A temporary restraining order will last 20 to 25 days, and issued by a judge when it appears that the person may be in immediate danger. After this time period, there will be a court hearing to determine if a permanent restraining order will be necessary to put in place. The permanent restraining order can last from three years to five years, depending on whether it is a civil matter or a domestic violence matter. It will likely be necessary for a person to contact an attorney to get the best legal advice on a restraining order matter.

Attorneys in California for Restraining Order Matters

A person or people can go online to find an attorney or law firm who will advise them on legal matters concerning restraining orders in California. The Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris is a law firm in Oceanside, California that helps clients who are in situations requiring restraining orders. If a person needs a restraining order lawyer in Oceanside CA, the law firm is available. The team at the law firm advises interested parties to “Contact Us“.