Regenerative medicine involves the use of platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, to heal the underlying cause of a dysfunction or pain. Using the body’s platelets, this form of medicine directly addresses a pain or dysfunction without masking it. When combined with physical therapy in Lawrence, KS, PRP ensures both rejuvenation and healing.

An Important New Medicine

According to the Mayo Clinic, regenerative medicine, or PRP, is a game-changer in medical specialties. This form of medicine has the potential to heal damaged organs and tissues in their entirety. When it is used with physical therapy, PRP offers hope for conditions that are thought to be beyond repair.

Regeneration, itself, entails the delivery of specific kinds of cell products or cells to diseased organs or tissues. In turn, the cells ultimately restore organ or tissue functioning. Regeneration can be accomplished through cell products or the use of cell-based therapy.

Where PRP Can Be Administered

Platelet rich plasma treatment areas are also areas that generally benefit from physical therapy and chiropractic treatments. For example, these areas may include the rotator cuff in the shoulder or the ligaments in the wrist or hand. Other areas include the knee, elbow, back, and hip. The ankle and foot can also benefit from PRP therapy. Visit website for more details about the physical therapy in Lawrence, KS.

Why PRP Treatments Are Essential

PRP therapy is mainly designed to assist in the regeneration and healing of the soft tissues in the ligaments and tendons. To fully comprehend the advantages of PRP therapy, you need to review the basic science behind ligament or tendon injuries. When either tendons or ligaments are stretched or torn, a tear, sprain, or strain occurs. Usually, blood flows to the area to facilitate heating. If the process goes awry, scar tissue develops, and this is when PRP therapy is advised.

You can find out more about this new process by visiting online. Learn more about the specific areas that PRP can treat.