The best place to get Fingernail Fungus Treatment in Racine WI is a podiatrist. That is because nail fungus is more prevalent in the toenails that the fingernails. The different fungi are the same, but podiatrists have more experience treating them than general physicians. Fungi grow in warm, moist places, so the nail, the skin under the nail, and the skin in between toes is the most common areas of occurrence. That is why nail fungus can lead to athlete’s foot, or athlete’s foot can lead to nail fungus. Nail fungus is not healed quickly, although the nail can appear to look better in a short amount of time.

Symptoms of fungus include a white or yellow discoloration to the nail, itching, pain or discomfort, the nail may get thicker, or the nail begins to separate from the skin. Left untreated, the fungus gets worse. This poses more of a problem for diabetics or those with a weakened immune system. Over-the-counter treatments offer some relief, but the fungus tends to return fast because it never really healed completely.

Professional Fingernail Fungus Treatment in Racine WI will ensure that the fungus is eradicated completely, although sometimes the fungus can be chronic. Topical ointments and oral medications are the most common types of treatments. The strength of the ointment prescribed by the podiatrist is higher than anything available over-the-counter. Oral medications are by prescription only. Those who suspect they may have nail fungus can go to to get information regarding doctors, treatments, and scheduling an appointment.

There are a few things people can do to try to prevent nail fungus on a regular basis. Sharing a towel or nail clippers with someone else can result in nail fungus, so avoid that, even among family members. Nail clippers can be sanitized in alcohol to provide better protection, but it is better to have individual clippers for each member of the family. Wear aqua shoes or flip flop sandals when using a public pool or shower because bare feet will pick fungus off surfaces. Keeping nails clean and cut short will also help prevent painful nail fungus.