Professional Search Engine Optimization encompasses your entire website, but there are a few quick things you can do to boost your site’s search engine rank. An optimized site means you will spend less money on advertising to get your customers, and your sales and ad revenue will increase.

Canonicalization of Your Domain Name

If your site can be accessed by typing in the domain name with or without the www. before it, then you need to create a permanent 301 redirect so search engines do not think your site is duplicate content. Setting up a redirect lets Google know that it is the same site, so you will not get penalized.

Robots.txt File

If you have a robots.txt file, check it periodically to make sure you are not hiding images or pages from search engines. These extra images and pages can boost your page rank and traffic.

Review Your Worst Performing Pages

Carefully review your stats to determine which pages are not performing well. Professional Search Engine Optimization companies will help you revive these pages so they receive more traffic. Check your meta tags and keywords and adjust them as necessary.

Check Popular Pages

Just like you checked your worst performing pages, check your most popular pages. You might find that a page that used to get a lot of traffic was accidentally deleted from your server and needs uploaded again. If a popular page is on a temporary redirect, change it to a permanent redirect.

Duplicate Title Elements

Use Google Webmaster Tools to look for duplicate title elements. These can include bad title elements and duplicate pages. Spend a few minutes creating redirects and writing new titles if needed.

Anchor Links

Links from other pages can boost your page’s rank, especially if they link from relevant words or phrases. If you find that other site’s are linking to you using generic text, email the site owner and ask if this can be changed. They may not change it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Professional Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to take hours every day. These simple changes can boost your organic traffic from search engines, and each one only takes a few minutes. Using organic search engine optimization can lead to more sales and more ad revenue, which means your site makes you more money each month.