Auto glass repair is more than just replacing a cracked windshield. There are actually a lot of services that auto glass repair companies offer. A good auto glass repair company can handle any kind of repair and have the service completed within the same day, so the customer does not have to be without their vehicle for any extended period of time.

Services for Glass Repair

In Chicago, chip repair is one service that a auto glass repair company in Chicago can provide. Minor windshield chips can turn into major cracks if not repaired or treated immediately. Repairing the chipped windshield also restores the structural integrity of the windshield making it much safer to drive with. This is cheaper than having to replace the entire windshield.

For larger cracks or damage to the windshield sometimes the only alternative is to just replace the entire windshield. A repair auto glass Chicago company can usually do this on location with their mobile repair service. That way the customer does not have to miss any work while having his or her windshield replaced. All that a customer has to do is call to make an appointment. Most auto glass repair companies are flexible in their available auto glass repair service times, as well.

Leak repair is also another common issue in regards to auto windshields. This can happen due to sun damage over time. The seals become cracked and thus the structural integrity is compromised. An auto glass repair company will locate the exact spot where the leak is occurring and then inject silicone sealant into that area. Once the silicone sealant dries and hardens, the windshield will again be watertight.

Always Get a Quote

No matter what service is needed it is always wise to first get a quote from the auto glass repair company. Always make sure that the company is upfront about all of the charges that may be involved in the repair of the auto glass. If possible, it is always wise to get several quotes from different auto glass repair companies in the Chicago area. This is the best way to insure that no single auto glass repair company will take advantage of the customer.

Once a quote has been made and agreed upon, the customer can then proceed to having the service done on his or her vehicle. In many cases, the auto glass repair company can actually come out to the person’s home or place or work and repair the auto glass right there. The customer will not have to bring the vehicle in or miss any work at all while the auto glass is repaired. Most insurance companies will cover the entire cost of the auto glass repair or replacement without many questions asked at all.

Aaron Auto Glass has been providing professional auto glass replacement in North Chicagoland, South Chicagoland, Rockford, Joliet and Northwest Indiana for over 3 decades. Repair auto glass in Chicago as service is provided on location through the mobile auto glass repair service as well as at one of the five auto glass shop locations.