Updating the interior of a home is a major project that requires expertise that average people do not possess. Homeowners will have ideas of what they want and need, but will have no knowledge of building codes, required permits, or inspection regulations. They can find out all of that information, but it can take time. Homeowners will know what the current interior lacks, but may not know how to add it or improve the functionality of space. The kitchen, for example, lacks outlets, counter space, and room for small appliances. Trying to think of ways to correct the situation is stressful, especially when they do not know where to begin.

Modern interior designers in Alexandria, VA can provide solutions that will save time and money, update the entire house, and result in a beautiful home. After assessing the current interior and speaking with owners, professionals utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software to design the space. These drawings include electrical and plumbing aspects, as well as furniture, appliances, closet spaces, and the layout of each room. Once approved, a timeline is developed and estimates are provided for the total costs. Designers then supervise the project and the installation of design elements. That can eliminate miscommunications, delays, and problems that end up costing more time and money.

Design elements like lighting, colors, furniture, fabrics, and appliances are selected and placed in a functional and comfortable manner. That same kitchen area may now have an island in the middle for meal preparation, a cup of coffee with a friend, or a buffet space for a party. The cabinets have been redone, so everything has a place to be stored when not in use, and more outlets have been added to plug in small appliances. The old blue flower wallpaper is gone and replaced with a soft yellow paint that highlights the dark wood cabinets. The countertops, previously cracked laminate, are now granite with a natural swirl pattern and several variations of green.

Modern interior designers in Alexandria, VA, such as those at Zoe Feldman Design, have successfully transformed aging homes into functional and exquisite show pieces that the family will enjoy and the neighbors will envy. The whole place seems new, the property value has been increased, and homeowners have saved time and money in the process. Contact Zoe Feldman Design