The Use and Benefits of a CNC Water Jet

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Printers

Cutting through thick or hard materials used to be difficult, but with the use of a high-pressure CNC water jet you can easily cut through tough materials without any problems. There are a variety of applications for this type of industrial tool, and knowing when to use it will ensure that you get the most and the best use out of your tool.

The Use

High-pressure water is forced into a beam using a nozzle, which allows the user to cut through material such as wood, rubber, or even metal and granite. A CNC water jet can be used in aerospace and in mining and is great because it doesn’t raise the temperature of the item being cut. Some water jets have abrasives mixed in with the water which will allow the jet to cut through tougher materials because it is forced out of the nozzle at such an extreme pressure. Once you understand how to safely and correctly use this water jet, you’ll be able to create perfect replicas and precision items.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy

You’ll enjoy a number of benefits when using a CNC water jet. The most important and obvious is that the jet won’t change the temperature of the material being cut, which can affect the structure of the material itself. This allows for perfectly sharp corners, holes, and bevels without any problems. Additionally, intricate cuts are possible and the jet itself is incredibly accurate so there won’t be any problems with measurements being incorrect or with producing too much scrap material.

There is a slight learning curve with a CNC water jet, but once you understand the use and prospective applications of this tool you will find that it can greatly improve your ability to manufacture precision items according to stringent specifications. With the ability to cut through copper, aluminum, steel, rubber, titanium, and more, you can use this tool in a variety of ways.

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