The moving day has finally come! You’ve done your best to prepare for the move, from getting rid of junk to sorting and packing your things. Your careful planning is about to pay off, and you’re looking forward to a smooth move-out day and the next part of your life.

But on the day of the move, even the most organized people may feel a bit stressed. On a moving day, there are many things to plan and think about. Here are some of the top tips for planning your move out from the best moving companies in the Phoenix area.

Welcome the Movers

Whether you have family and friends helping you move or have hired one of the best moving companies in the Phoenix area, say hello to them when they arrive. Discuss any worries regarding the move and provide them with any pertinent information about your property. Prepare instructions on where the moving services should start and where specific items must go.

Finish Any Last-Minute Packing

Plan to pack some things on the day you are moving. These include things you needed the night before, such as toiletries, blankets, and clothes, as well as things you’ll need the day of the move and the first night in your new home, such as snacks, chargers, tools, cleaning supplies, and more.

Getting through the first night in your new home can be challenging without the right tools. We suggest you pack a “first-night” box with things you’ll need to unpack, clean, eat, and take care of yourself. This box of basics should come with you; if that’s not possible, it should be the last box on the moving truck.