If you have an automatic door opener on your garage door, you may experience the unpleasant surprise of finding out the door doesn’t seem to be operating. Before calling in the repair service, there are a few easy troubleshooting tips you can use to see if the problem is something simple.

In some cases, you may know that the door has been damaged in some way. This can occur if it is hit by a vehicle or if there is some other type of significant damage, perhaps from one of the famous Madison, WI storms. If this is the issue, call the repair service immediately and avoid trying to raise and lower the door as this can create further problems and more damage.

Remote in the Vehicle Isn’t Working

If you come home from a busy day at work and hit the remote and the door doesn’t roll up, don’t panic. It may be something as simple as the battery on your remote. However, before replacing this try opening the door from the switch or button in the inside of the garage.

If the garage door opens, it is a problem with the remote. The backs typically slide off or have a small screw or fastener that has to be removed or opened to replace the battery. You can also take the remote to any overhead door company and they can sell you the correct battery and replace it.

Neither Remote or Switch is Working

If neither the remote or switch will raise the door, check to make sure there is power to the opener motor. Often there will be an indicator light to show that the system has power. If this is off, check to make sure it is still plugged in. If the light is on, you can also check there is nothing that has fallen across the track to trip the sensors to prohibit the door from lifting.

If there is power and neither the remote nor the switch is working it may be an electrical problem. It is best to call a garage door company as it can be complicated tracing back any problems.

When there is no power to the opener motor, check the breaker. If this is tripped, put it back to the on position. If it trips again leave it off and call the repair service as this typically also signals some type of electrical short or problem.

Remember, with all motorized garage door models, there is a manual override. This is typically a rope with a red handle on the motor you pull down to disengage the trolley and allow the door to be opened and closed manually. Be careful, only pull the cord if the door is in the closed position as it may suddenly close and hit the ground with force, potentially causing damage.