What To Expect From Dog Boarding Kennels In Ft. Meade

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Veterinary

In Florida, dog owners who travel often need better options for managing their dog. While some pet owners choose to hire a dog sitting, this option isn’t always ideal for all owners. Through local kennels and boarding services, they could acquire everything they need quickly. The following is an assessment of what dog owners can expect from dog boarding kennels in Ft. Meade.

Comfortable Accommodations for Pets

The boarding services provide a comfortable accommodation for the pets. The dogs acquire their own space to lower the risk of potential injuries. They can sleep and rest peacefully without interference. The pet owner can select from a variety of accommodations based on their dog’s needs.

Daily Grooming for Dogs

The kennel provides daily grooming for all dogs that stay in the kennel. This lowers the odds of matting of their fur and keeps them protected against potential pests such as fleas and ticks. The groomers use a variety of products to ensure that the dogs smell wonderful. The products also condition the coat and the skin. This ensures that they will continue to stay comfortable while they staying at the kennel.

Playtime in a Safe Environment

All dogs receive a specific amount of playtime in an enclosed area. This allows them to run, jump, and play. These opportunities lower their anxiety levels and allow them to run off excess energy. The kennel workers monitor playtime to ensure that the dogs stay safe and out of harm’s way.

Adequate Nutrition and Treats

The dogs receive daily food and water based on their daily requirements. This includes access to foods that provide them with additional dietary assistance if they have conditions such as diabetes. The kennel workers also provide the dogs with treats each day as well.

In Florida, dog owners that need to travel need a better solution for keeping their dogs safe. Local kennels provide them with access to boarding services that lower risks and place the dog in a safer environment. Dogs can receive all the TLC they need on a daily basis. Dog owners who want to acquire services through dog boarding kennels in Ft. Meade contact Gambrills Veterinary.

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