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It can often be challenging when you’re responsible for handling a relative or friend’s estate plan. Those who attempt to navigate the process on their own can easily make mistakes without the help of a professional. Here are a few situations when you should consider hiring a Rockwall, TX probate attorney.

Unpaid Debts

In some cases, the amount of unpaid debts may exceed the value of the estate or the assets. You may need help determining which debts will be paid and how you can handle the debts that won’t be covered. As a non-professional executor, you need to obtain legal advice from a Rockwall, TX probate attorney to determine which creditors have legal priority.

Conflict Among Family Members

It’s common for discord to occur between family members once an estate has been left behind and loved ones begin disagreeing on what they should be given. The process of administering the estate can be delayed while some individuals who aren’t satisfied may start a will contest. Will contests can make the process more complicated and also cost a significant amount of money from the individual’s estate. It can also lead to more conflict among all of the parties that are involved. Hire a probate attorney to make it a smoother and fairer process.

A Business Is Involved

It can often be challenging to administer an estate if a business is involved. The executor can enjoy a smooth and straightforward process when bank accounts, property and assets need to be divided, but the process proves to become complicated if the individual owned a business that is still up and running. You can benefit from hiring a Rockwall, TX probate attorney who can value and transfer the business or prepare it for sale, if necessary.

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