Why It Pays to Use a Mobile Paper Shredding Services in Dallas TX

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Businesses & Services

Responsibly disposing of printed documents is a must in today’s business world. Rather than putting proprietary information in the trash waiting for someone to steal it, it makes sense to use services provided by a Mobile Paper Shredding Company. Here are a few of the reasons why this approach is such a good idea.

Documents Shredded on Site

The nice thing about mobile paper shredding services in Dallas TX is that they conveniently come to the client to shred at their location. Onsite mobile paper shredding is not only convenient but can reduce full pages of sensitive information into tiny, indiscernible fragments in minutes. Since the work is done at the site of the customer, there is no question about what is being shredded, when it was destroyed, and if anyone could possibly use that information in a manner that would hurt the client.

Convenient to Schedule

Companies offering scheduled, ongoing mobile shredding on a schedule are easy to work with and can offer customized shredding schedules to meet your needs. Whether once service per month or one per week, shredding schedules can be tailored to meet your specific needs based on the volume of paper you generate. In some cases, shredding can be scheduled on a quarterly basis for customers who may have an on-call need for an occasional bulk shred.

Responsible Recycling of the Used Paper

Most shredding companies have a zero-landfill policy which means every shredded fragment will be recycled rather than being dumped at a trash site. Using a mobile paper shredding service in Dallas is not only a responsible solution for safeguarding your customer’s information, but it is a sustainable solution for the environment as well. Recycled paper can be used to make low grade paper goods such as paper plates and cups as well as toilet tissue and napkins.

For business owners who like the idea of working with a shredding service, call the team at Action Shred of Texas today. You will get a better understanding of the document security solutions their services offer to your business.

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