Wire EDM Services: The Basics

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Contract Manufacturing

Electrical discharge machining or EDM provides machinists with the ability to produce highly accurate results. It is one of the best methods for removing metal when the procedure is either very difficult to perform or perceived as impossible with conventional means. This is one reason why it is important to understand the basic Wire EDM services available and the types in use.

EDM Process

The EDM process is alternatively known as spark machining and burning. Its actual operation is simple in design and concept. Three specific components must be present to ensure it works:

  1. Electrode
  2. Workpiece
  3. Dielectric fluid – an electric insulator initially until it reaches ionization point

The electric current must pass between two parts separated by a dielectric liquid: the electrode and the workpiece. When the dielectric fluid reaches its ionization point, it becomes an electric conductor. The interaction produces a spark discharge resulting in the production of the desired edge or shape.

Wire EDM Machines

EDM machines fall into three basic categories. These are

  1. Die Sinker – “Ram” EDM
  2. Hole Drilling – “Hole Popper”
  3. Wire EDM – “Cheese Cutter” EDM

The first two are the most popular with Wire EDM services providing very precise shapes for specific applications.


Wire EDM is all about producing highly accurate results. For machinists, they are appropriate for fabricating very tight tolerances. As a result, they are excellent when the company demands machinists produce:

  • Complex shapes
  • Mechanical parts
  • Molds

Wire EDM Services

Those who employ Wire EDM are well aware of its advantages for their shop and for their customers. They know they can produce some of the most complex shapes with the tightest tolerances, even if the material ranks among the hardest in the world. When companies request Wire EDM services, they know the results will mimic exactly the specifications no matter how precise and exacting they may be. Moreover, the process can do so very quickly.

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