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We generally don’t realize just how much stuff we’ve accumulated until it’s time to move. This is especially true if we are moving out of the country or simply to a smaller home. We try to do our research up front looking at all the options available and sometimes in the end it boils down to who offers the best security at the lowest bottom line. Luckily the need for secure, value conscious storage needn’t be a great concern because there are options for Mini Storage Warrenton VA offering the perfect solutions.

When planning a move, large or small, one of the first things to do is decide what goes and what stays. We generally use a simple process of elimination based on the type of move, what items we used the most and our eventual destination. However, if we find that we cannot part with the things that may generally be considered as non-essential items sitting in our garage it’s time to consider storage options.

If you live in the Warrenton VA area this is where options provided by moving and storage experts for Mini Storage Warrenton VA can help. Several options are provided designed to fit every conceivable need and budget. Options such as well-lit walkways, the ability to insure your items, and temp controlled units offer an attractive incentive. Some of the more popular units include the 25 sq. ft. small closet that is great for those cumbersome Christmas decorations that have the potential to get crushed in your garage; or the 50 sq. ft. model that can accommodate lawn furniture and attic treasures.

Customized storage solutions designed to appeal to every individual need are available. Whether you need a storage space for a few weeks while you wait for your home to be finished or you desire something a little more long-term a perfect solution is just a phone call away. Mini Storage Warrenton VA is what they do best. As an all around moving and storage specialist they also offer moving and storage supplies as well as parking for recreational vehicles. The entire premises is video monitored providing the security that you desire for your valuables. Just think of them as an extension of your garage or attic. There is 24-7 accessibility and there are senior, military, commercial and long-term discounts that are offered year round.

Virginia Storage Solutions offers cost effective and secure options for Mini Storage Warrenton VA, taking the guess work out of what to do with your valuables. Visit the website at to schedule a tour of the premises or discuss your storage needs.

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