Reviewing The Details With A Social Security Lawyer In Muskegon, MI

In Michigan, individuals with disabilities have the right to seek benefits that are available to them. The benefits are paid to these individuals each month to assist them in supporting themselves financially. In addition to the monetary benefits, the disabled individuals receive Medicaid health insurance. A Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon MI provides them with assistance when their claim is denied.

The Disability Determination Services

The Disability Determination Services provides all preliminary reviews of claims received. They assess the claims to determine if the individual has a qualifying condition. They also review all medical records included in the claim to determine if they provide adequate support for the claim. Any claims that they approve are sent to the Social Security Administration. If they don’t approve the claim, the claimant is notified of the denial.

What the Social Security Administration Does

The Social Security Administration conducts assessments of the individual’s condition. They send the claimant to their doctors to determine if the claimant has the condition that is identified in their claim. This includes a general medicine doctor and a psychiatric doctor. Click here to get more details.

What is Defined as a Qualifying Condition?

A qualifying condition presents circumstances that stop the individual from working in any industry. The condition could be either mental or physical. It must present symptoms or a disability that could present a debilitated state. The condition must stop them from working in all industries, not just the industry in which they are used to working.

What can Claimants Expect?

Claimants can expect to receive a notification from SSA when their case is determined. If they are approved, they receive back pay starting on the date in which they applied for benefits. If they are denied, they have the legal right to file an appeal or move forward with a lawsuit.

In Michigan, individuals who have disabilities are entitled to social security disability benefits. They acquire the benefits by filing an application with the Social Security Administration in their district. Disabled individuals who were denied these benefits contact a Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon MI or visit Bleakley Law Offices P C for more information today.

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