An air conditioning system is a significant investment and when it isn’t working, it’s crucial to find a reliable air conditioning repair technician.

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First, do some research. Familiarize yourself with air conditioning repair in Bainbridge Island and your air conditioning system.

Look Carefully

Ask for technician recommendations and research online. Additionally, check your local Better Business Bureau to see if the technician has past complaints. When you’re looking for A/C repair, Quality Heating & Air Conditioning is a great place to start, check out their website.

Seek Out Experience

Find out how much experience the technician has with air conditioning repair either by contacting him or her or checking his or her website. Ask questions such as:

* How long has he or she been working?
* Is he or she full-time or part-time?
* What experience does he or she have with your a/c system?

Additionally, ask specific questions about your unique job.

Look up References

Talk to past customers. Ask the technician for a list of customer references. Also check out reviews on third-party websites. If you get the references, contact them and inquire about the service they received.

Go Green

If conservation is important to you, ask about the company’s environmental friendliness. How do they promote energy and water conservation? Do they carry Energy Star qualified products? A good technician should be able to provide information about the efficiency of a system and its environmental impact.

Work Together

Your air conditioning repair technician will need to understand your system and your house. If a technician isn’t willing to work closely with you and evaluate the situation, that’s a red flag.

Get it in Writing

Get a written proposal before you make a final decision. Ensure that all terms, conditions, and oral promises are included. Do not pay in advance, sign an agreement that is incomplete, or sign a contract that you haven’t read or don’t understand and be sure to keep a copy.

Use these handy tips to find a good technician and protect your a/c investment.