Anytime you work with aluminum or hire a company to make a part or component made out of aluminum, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are numerous types of aluminum available to you. The 2024 aluminum comes from either the 2xxx series of aluminum alloys or those that use copper as the main alloying element. There are numerous advantages to this type of aluminum, just like there are numerous grades of aluminum in the 2024 category.

What Makes 2024 So Unique?

The 2024 grade of aluminum alloy has copper, manganese, and magnesium added to it, which not only makes it stronger but always gives it more corrosion-resistance as well. It is a type of aluminum that is easy to work with, so if you want it cold-finished or cut, it is very easy to do so. Many manufacturers also take a 2024 aluminum sheet and add some type of cladding to it, which makes the aluminum even more resistant to corrosion. That being said, even with the cladding the 2024 grade of aluminum tends to remain very lightweight.

What Is Aluminum 2024 Used For?

The best 2024 aluminum is used in numerous applications, including impact machinery, gears, pistons, cylinders, wheels for trucks, and hydraulic manifold blocks, among others. Because 2024 grade aluminum is so strong and has great fatigue-resistance, it is also used in structural applications in various types of aircraft. If you’re looking for this type of aluminum, it’s a smart idea to do your due diligence online because there are dozens of companies that sell it this way.