One never locks their keys in the car when they have ample time to deal with the problem. Inevitably, the realization that the keys are still inside the locked car arises just before heading out to run errands, taking the kids to dance class or trying to get to work on time. And that’s the best-case scenario–far worse is when one is already at the grocery store, trying to take the kids home from dance class, or stuck at work. Nothing feels quite like standing in a parking lot, peering inside one’s own window and spotting the keys on the seat where it’s impossible to get to them.

Of course, it’s good practice to have a spare set of keys and to keep them somewhere safe. Even that is not foolproof, however. Someone who keeps their spare keys in their purse will eventually lock the purse inside the car. On the other hand, someone who keeps spare keys in a drawer at home will one day lock themselves out of the car when they are all the way across town and their spouse and close friends aren’t able to bring the spare set to them. Sometimes the only solution is to call an auto locksmith in Las Vegas NV. A good locksmith will be able to open the car without causing damage to the lock, the paint, the window or anything else. Since many locksmiths these days have 24-hour services, there is no need to worry even if one doesn’t realize the keys are locked in the car until the wee hours of the morning.

When seeking an auto locksmith in Las Vegas NV, keep in mind that they should be licensed, bonded and insured. That way, if something does happen to the car while it is being unlocked, the car owner will not be out too much money. Also, seek a business that has a good reputation. For example, the people at have run a family-owned and operated business for many years, which is one indicator of trustworthiness. It can be a little scary to know that somebody is breaking into the family car on purpose. Trusting the people who are doing it can do a great deal to alleviate that discomfort.