The ancient Chinese form of medicinal acupuncture has been viewed with much incredulity despite its proven effects on relieving symptoms of many common ailments. With localized heat and thin needles in precise locations, Acupuncture in Oahu can help improve health for many people. The following are just a few examples of the many ailments that can be treated by professional acupuncture.

Osteoarthritis: Pain in the Joints and Bones

For many people, the pain caused by osteoarthritis can be unbearable at times. As the cartilage between the bones in the joints degrades, it can cause painful abrasions as the joints rub together. Even worse, cold or damp pathogens can increase this pain. However, since acupuncture utilizes localized heat treatments and the application of pressure relief in key nerve junctions, it can offer a natural alternative to conventional medicinal pain relief.

Headaches and Other Pressure Pains

Many people also suffer from the effects of headaches or pain caused by pressure in the various parts of the nervous system. As pressure builds up in the nerves through stressful situations, illness, or other causes, the pain will increase. Acupuncture in Oahu offers a great relief to this pain, as the precision needles are excellent for dispersing the pressure that builds up in the nerves. Additionally, the localized heat treatments in key parts of the body reduce the stress levels of the body, which aids in the dispersion of the headache or other pain.

Elevated Blood Pressure

This same stress or other kinds of pain can lead to the increase of the pressure blood exerts on the walls of arteries and veins. This causes all kinds of health risks, such as potential heart disease, cardiac arrest, strokes, or other serious problems. As acupuncture helps to relieve the buildup of stress, it will regularly decrease the heart rate and, therefore, lower the blood pressure.

The health benefits of acupuncture are immense and can only help your life improve. Seek and Visit Portner Orthopedic, operated and managed by the best practitioners in natural medicinal alternatives and health care in all of the Hawaiian islands.