When it comes to educating your child, you have many options. Public schools, charter schools, and home schooling are some. Maybe you are not sure which environment will offer your child the most success, so you want to try one and see how it goes. This is when private preschools near Vaughan Ontario becomes beneficial. Preschool gives you and your child the opportunity to see how well he will cope.

Here are three benefits a Montessori preschool program offers.


Some children thrive in school environments. Others do not. When your child attends private preschools near Vaughan Ontario, they get to experience what the next 12 years could look like regarding the routine. A Montessori private preschools adds layer. Your child will experience the routine of getting up, getting ready and attending classes as well as the Montessori method to education. The Montessori Method believes that every child is empowered to be their teacher, too.

Montessori Method

In a Montessori preschool, you can expect a low student to teacher ratio. The focus is placed on critical social and emotional growth for every child. As your child learns at his own pace, he will be monitored by trained staff who believe that the Montessori method is most beneficial. The faculty, teachers, and staff are present to guide the students, but the students are ultimately the ones taking charge of their education, indirectly.

Accelerated Pre-K

If your child shows signs of maturity and ability to handle to demands of attending classes, some Montessori schools offer accelerated pre-K programs. You will have the option to enroll your child in the Kindergarten classes on a part or full-time basis. It serves as a stepping stone into the accelerated kindergarten classes or private school.