You may try and fool yourself that a long-distance relationship is simple and straightforward to maintain. By meeting with a counselor, you will be able to discuss your worries about your partner living the other side of the country or across the globe so that both of you will know what the other is thinking. Create a list of everything you wish to discuss, and you will quickly recognize these 3 harsh facts about long distance couples and relationships.

1. They Will Spend Time with Other People

Your partner will be a long way from you and they will need to socialize where they are. This means spending time with people you do not know, and your partner may build strong relationships with some of these individuals. You may see these people as competition for your time, love and affection.

2. No Time for Hugs and Kisses

Some aspects of your relationship will not be possible when you are living so far apart. Being able to hug your partner, kiss them and perhaps, indulge in intimate activities, will be virtually impossible.

If you are not already tech savvy, this is the time to learn. You will be able to keep in touch frequently through video chat sessions, voice and text by making the most of current technology. By making these meetings private and personal, and always face-to-face without other individuals being around, you will be able to maintain the bond that exists between you.

3. Understand Your Long-Term Plans

Although you may not be able to perfectly plan the future for either or both of you, you should set goals and targets for when you will be able to meet during the long-distance relationship and both agree and understand when you will be back together again, and when the long-distance element of your relationship ends.

By working towards common goals, the reasons for understanding the 3 harsh facts about long-distance couples and relationships will help you appreciate the position, thoughts, and circumstances of each other.