Taking care of your dog starts with the first day he or she arrives at your home and carries on throughout life. This includes making smart choices for your dog, including a good vet, taking the dog for routine vaccinations and checkups, and feeding your pooch the best foods.

Some people forget about the importance of choosing the right treats and chews as well. Taking the time to look for no rawhide bones, or 100% rawhide-free chew toys, is essential to ensuring your dog has the healthiest chew bones possible.

There are several important reasons to choose no rawhide bones, and here are three factors to consider and even discuss with your vet.

Healthier for Your Dog

Contrary to what many people think, rawhide is not the beef hide, is it just the innermost layer of the hide. It has virtually no nutritional value, which means it adds nothing to your dog’s health. Additionally, it is chemically treated and then flavored with artificial ingredients, further diminishing its nutritional levels.

By choosing rawhide-free chews made with real ingredients such as chicken and baked pork skin, it is not only tastier but better for your dog.

Cleans the Teeth and Gums

The crisp, crunchy texture of the no rawhide bones scrapes against the teeth and gums as the dog chews. This helps to remove plaque from the teeth and also stimulate the gums. As rawhide gets soft and soggy, it poses little value for your dog’s dental health.

Satisfies the Urge to Chew

Dogs prefer the taste, texture and the satisfaction of the non-rawhide types of chews. This means they happily satisfy their urge to chew on the healthy chew toy you provide, and not on items they find around the house.

Taking the time to find 100% no rawhide types of chews for your dog is worth the little bit of effort. You can also feel great you are providing a healthy chew bone for your pet.