There are many options to consider when your current air conditioner needs replacing. One option that’s becoming increasingly popular is to install ductless mini splits in Virginia Beach VA homes. A mini split is a smaller unit that can fit in almost any small room. Additionally, this type of cooling system offers worthwhile benefits that maximize their long-term value.

Eliminate Duct Maintenance

A traditional forced-air cooling system uses ducts to push air throughout your home. If a breach in the ductwork develops, you’ll lose cooling efficiency through the air leak in the ducts. There’s also the cost involved in duct cleaning and maintenance. You’ll avoid all of these concerns with a mini-split system since they don’t use ducts.

Create Different Temperature Zones

You can install a mini split AC in each room in your home. This always you to maintain separate climates in the different living spaces throughout your home. If you like it cooler but another family member prefers a warmer climate, you can easily achieve these temperature zones with your mini split units.

Reduce Your Cooling Costs

Since ductless mini splits in Virginia Beach VA are smaller than the forced-air HVAC systems in most homes, you’ll use less energy to cool your home. You can further reduce your cooling costs by limiting your use of the mini splits. While a large HVAC system will push treated air to every room in your house, you can easily use a mini-split to cool one room or area at a time.

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