3 Reasons to Use A NY Land Surveyor

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance, Contract Manufacturing, Contractor

If you are considering whether or not to hire a NY land surveyor, it helps to understand the situations which may arise that necessitate this type of professional assistance. A land surveyor is responsible for updating sites for construction and identifying boundary lines for a property. In addition, they also provide data that is relevant to the contour of the ground for the purposes of mapmaking, engineering, and construction. Read on below to become cognizant of the occasions where this type of service is useful.

Adding a fence to a property

When adding a fence to a property, it is essential to know where your property ends and the neighboring one begins. This allows you to better map out the surrounding area in order to tell where you are able to place your fencing. A fence that is erected in the wrong zone can result in legal fees in addition to having to repay to relocate the fence. With the help of a NY land surveyor, these concerns can be avoided altogether.

Purchasing property in New York

If you are purchasing property in NY, hiring a NY land surveyor is a smart move. The land surveyor will come out to the property and completely survey the land, after which they will provide a survey map that offers information about the property being purchased. Some of the facts that will be revealed include whether or not others have rights to your property through easements, right of way, or utilities. It will also reveal the property boundaries where fencing, carports, swimming pools, and other structures can be built.

Subdividing a property in New York

The third instance where a NY land surveyor can help is if the property is being subdivided. A licensed and experienced NY land surveyor will completely survey t he site, check the record and title, prepare a subdivision map, and mark the ground where the improvements will take place.

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