3 Reasons Why Tenants Need Apartments Insurance in Ann Arbor, MI

by | May 10, 2023 | Insurance Agency

Choosing to live in an apartment comes with a number of perks. It also involves taking on certain kinds of responsibilities. One is to secure the right type of apartments insurance in Ann Arbor, MI. Why is this type of insurance necessary? Here are three reasons to consider.

While the landlord does have insurance on the property, most of the benefits are designed with the insured party in mind. That’s fine for the property owner, but not necessarily good for you. It’s important to have your own coverage in place, so there’s no question of what is and is not covered.

Another factor has to do with replacing any of your belongings that are damaged due to a covered event. Even if the landlord’s coverage does extend to the apartment interior, it’s not likely to offer enough benefits to replace whatever was lost. By having a policy of your own, there will be no doubt that there will be enough resources to purchase replacements for anything that’s lost due to a covered event.

A third issue has to do with recovering from a theft. It would be unusual for the property owner’s coverage to provide any compensation for stolen items. If you have your own apartment insurance in Ann Arbor MI in place, there will be no doubt about being able to have a claim for stolen jewelry, electronics, and other personal items approved.

Take a moment to speak with an agent, and find out more about insurance policies designed for tenants. There’s bound to be one that offers the degree of coverage that you need.

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