3 Reasons You Will Be Happier in Off-Campus Housing Next Semester

by | Jul 22, 2022 | student Housing Center

During your first semester, living on campus helped you get accustomed to campus life. Now that you’re familiar with your new routine, you may want to consider looking for Mercer University off-campus housing. An off-campus apartment will provide you with the advantages that you just can’t find in a campus dorm, and living a happier lifestyle will help you perform better in school.

Enjoy More Freedom and Privacy

When you rent an off-campus apartment, you’ll no longer have to share a bathroom or bedroom. This gives you more privacy as you go about your daily routine, and you won’t feel rushed in the mornings. You’ll also be able to stay out later and enjoy more freedom than you could experience with the stricter regulations in a dorm.

Eat a Healthier Diet

The enjoyment of life is closely linked to an individual’s diet. This is unfortunate for college students who live on campus since their diets mainly consist of junk food and fast food. When you live in a regular apartment, you’ll have your own kitchen where you can store and prepare healthier foods.

Enjoy Your Downtime

When you’re not in class or studying, you’ll want to enjoy your free time. This is important since recreation and entertainment will help you relieve stress and anxiety. When you live in Mercer University’s off-campus housing, you’ll have free access to amenities that you can enjoy. This typically includes swimming pools, fitness centers, and picnic areas. You’ll also be closer to community amenities, such as public parks, movie theaters, and nightlife.

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