As interior design trends continue to evolve and popular magazines and social media sites tantalize their readers with some of the most innovative kitchen designs around, you may be more and more tempted to implement a modern touch into your own kitchen. As a mainstay of any kitchen, your cabinets are one of the best places to start when turning your kitchen into something that belongs in the trendiest art museum.

1. Modern kitchen cabinets don’t have to be shaped like spheres to make your kitchen look like a contemporary masterpiece. Instead, keep a classic shape that’s practical for storage and consider varying your color scheme instead. Colors magnify when they occupy a large amount of space (your cabinets, for example), so you can make a drastic difference in your kitchen with a slight adjustment to your cabinets’ paint scheme.

2. Alternatively, maintain your classic cabinets and make some changes that require less renovation. A splash of deep purple or even orange is the perfect accompaniment to a kitchen otherwise dominated by charcoals and whites. Often, this addition of a bold primary color is all you need to bring your kitchen to the modern era.

3. Minimalist design is all the rage these days, so remember that a simple and sleek design might be all that you need for the most modern kitchen cabinets in the neighborhood. If you choose a simple shape, try livening your cabinets’ character with a pattern—it’s all about the details. A little can go a long way!

Hopefully, these ideas have given you a few places to start when considering your next kitchen upheaval. Remember, cabinets are a great place to start whether you are complimenting your existing cabinets or redesigning your entire kitchen based on your latest cabinet installation.