While homeless shelters for women in Birmingham, AL,, provide at-risk women a place to stay, they do much more for those that seek their help. As they stay in a shelter, women receive the help that enables them to start rebuilding their lives. As they leave the shelter, the following services help women become independent adults with bright futures ahead of them.

Get Help Returning to the Workforce

There are many different obstacles that homeless women face in finding full-time work. As you stay in a women’s shelter, the staff will help you prepare for the application process and interviews by coaching you on creating a winning demeanor and providing clothes that are appropriate for interviews. They will also help you find the educational and training resources that will lead to a promising career.

Find a Permanent Home

You’ll be able to get help to find a new home as well. There are many property management companies that are willing to give homeless women a chance. The staff at the shelter will help you connect with these types of properties, and they will help you find individual property owners who may be willing to rent to you.

Meet With a Mentor

Even after your stay in homeless shelters for women in Birmingham, AL, you’ll continue to receive insight and advice from a mentor. Many shelters offer a mentoring program that helps women pursue their career and personal goals. In connecting with a woman who has previously been in a similar experience, you’ll benefit from advice that will help you avoid the pitfalls facing today’s homeless women.

If you are a homeless woman or know of someone in need of help, contact Jessie’s Place by visiting their website at https://jessiesplace.com/contact/.