You’ve decided to go with a compact SUV as your new vehicle. You’re about to visit a dealer of a Jeep Cherokee in Cicero to pick out the right one. However, while you know the style of vehicle, you’re not quite sure about what to expect. Thus, you’re hesitant.

To help you make that move toward a Jeep Cherokee in Cicero, here are three things to look for in a compact SUV.

Passenger Limits

Most models offer a five-seat capacity. However, if your family is larger or you expect to be transporting others, then you need to look at styles that have an option for third-row seating. Otherwise, you want to upgrade to a full-sized SUV.

Storage and Carrying

The SUV you’re thinking about should have enough storage space for a family of five to go on a driving vacation. Therefore, in addition to available space behind the back row of seats, it should also have wide areas for under-the-seat storage.

If you plan on towing something like a fifth-wheel trailer, then you also want to consider the SUV’s maximum towing capacity. Furthermore, you need to review the specs to determine how far gas mileage is reduced when carrying an extra load.

Comfort and Infotainment

Though SUVs can be utilized for off-road travel it doesn’t mean their interiors need to be stark. On the contrary, they should be as comfortable as possible to handle any type of road surface.

Comfort also includes a proper infotainment system. Standard setups normally offer an option for Sirius XM radio as well as USB and Bluetooth compatibility. If not, find out how much an upgrade would cost.

Ready to take these considerations into the dealership? Then visit us at Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep or to find the right compact SUV for your family.