If you use propane at your place of business or on your residential property, there are several factors to consider. Primarily, you will need to find a supplier to provide you with propane sales near Zanesville OH. You will also have to know how to handle this type of fuel safely. These tips can help you practice care in handling the tanks on your property.

Keep Tanks Outdoors

A tank may release fuel slightly as it’s being changed or installed. This will produce enough fumes to adversely affect the health of anyone inhaling them. Additionally, there’s a greater risk of a fire or explosion if the tanks are exposed to an open flame or electrical spark. It’s best to keep them in an isolated area that’s outside and shaded from the sun.

Know How to Identify Leaks

There are a couple ways to know when a propane tank is leaking. The fuel produces an offensive odor that’s very similar to the smell of rotten eggs. A leak in a tank will also produce a hissing sound. If you notice either of these signs, call your supplier right away.

Get Rid of Damaged Tanks

A supplier that provides propane sales near Zanesville, OH, will test tanks before filling and selling them to customers. However, a tank may become dented or damaged in some other way while in your possession. If this occurs, call your supplier right away to have that tank replaced.