When a special event comes to a close, it’s time to put the decorations safely away in storage. If you’re wondering how to effectively store your wedding and event linens, it’s essential to follow best practices. With proper storage, you’ll be able to best preserve the quality and longevity of your tablecloths, napkins, and similar linens for your next event. Read on for three essential tips for how to effectively store your wedding and event linens.

1. Clean and Dry Your Linens

Before storing your wedding event linens, it’s important to thoroughly clean them. Lingering food, dirt, and other debris can permanently damage your linens. Once your linens are clean, be sure to properly dry them to avoid mold and mildew. Once your linens are clean and dry, make sure to iron them to remove any wrinkles.

2. Choose the Right Environment

To preserve the quality of your linens, avoid storing them in areas with extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or high heat. Instead, pick a dry, well-ventilated, cool space to keep these fabrics safe.

3. Store Linens Separately

As you begin your linen storage process, take the time to properly label each item. This way, you will make the retrieval process easier in the future. This step is especially important if you use different linens for different themes. As you label your linen boxes, make sure to write down details like the color and pattern.