Orthodontics is a part of almost every teenager’s life, but most dread the idea of wearing metal braces. Here are three tips to help your teen feel excited about metal braces.

Metal Braces Can Be Personalized

Looking good is important to teenagers, and therefore metal braces seem like more of a punishment. Let your teenager know that the orthodontist has several options for personalizing braces to fit your teen’s personal style, such as colored elastics and wires.

Many Teens Feel More Comfortable Smiling After They Get Braces

Believe it or not, many teens find that they smile more with braces. Often, crooked teeth, gaps and other orthodontic issues make your teen feel too embarrassed to smile. The brackets and wires of metal braces for Wildwood, MO, teens hide these problems so your teenager feels more at ease with smiling.

Taking Steps to a Beautiful Smile

We recommend that you spend time with your teen talking about what they like and dislike about their teeth before receiving orthodontic treatment. Use the time to help your teenager embrace the positives of correcting bothersome issues. Also explain that metal braces ensure that your teen can have a healthy smile for years to come, and that the treatment may reduce the likelihood of extractions and tooth loss in the future.

Learn More Ways to Get Your Teen Excited About Metal Braces

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