A commercial ice machine has a variety of uses in a kitchen, hotel, or restaurant. However, sometimes these machines can become infected with mold, mildew, or other harmful bacteria without warning or any apparent cause. There are three steps you need to take to keep your commercial ice machine sanitary and healthy for all customers.
Wash your hands before touching ice.
Human interaction with the ice is what makes it dirty. It is imperative that employees wash their hands before getting ice from the machine or touching anything that will be in the machine. If customers can touch the ice, supply plastic gloves for sanitary reasons. Your hands and arms carry bacteria and other harmful germs that can contaminate your Commercial ice machine in Minneapolis MN.

Keep the door closed.
In a kitchen environment, having the door to the commercial ice machine open is dangerous and potentially harmful. Particles from the air, food being prepared, and fluids from workers can fall into the ice machine and contaminate it. A simple fix for this is just closing the door that exposes the ice! Keeping the door closed when not in use can prevent all potential contaminants from causing the ice machine to become dirty and unhealthy.

Lightly clean the machine.
Although the company you bought the machine from should do deep cleanings, it is important to maintain and clean your ice machine regularly. This ensures that you are actively keeping the environment healthy and clean of bacteria and germs, and your machine will perform more efficiently. Keeping the machine cool, wiping the exterior with diluted bleach, and maintaining filters and pipes will help to keep your commercial ice machine healthy.

As you can see, maintaining a healthy ice machine is a lot of work, but it is worth it. An ice machine is a great investment for your business, especially one that involves hospitality or a restaurant. Performing these simple steps can keep your ice machine sanitary and healthy so both you and your customers can enjoy a cold beverage. If you need more information about your Commercial ice machine in Minneapolis MN, contact Twin City Mechanical.