You count on your brakes to stop you in a hurry when needed, but you must get brake services in West Chester, PA, when it is required. There are at least three different types of brake services that your car may need at some point.

Brake shoes hold the brake lining inside of brake drum systems. Made of metal, they have a friction surface on one side of them. They are forced into contact with the wheel cylinder when your vehicle needs to stop. Most brake shoes need to be replaced about every 35,000 miles. You know it needs replacing when your rear brake makes a noise when stopping, the car shakes and vibrates when stopping or your parking brake does not work properly.

Another brake service in West Chester PA that your car may need is brake line repair or replacement. The brake line carries your brake fluid from the master cylinder to the place where it is required when stopping your vehicle. If it gets a small hole in it, then your brake service may be able to patch it. Otherwise, it needs to be replaced. You can tell when your brake line needs attention because your stopping distance will become much longer.

One of the most expensive brake services in West Chester, PA, that you may need occasionally is to have the master cylinder replaced. The master cylinder is designed to apply force when you step on the brake pedal to make your vehicle stop. Master cylinders have many small parts. When dirt gets in them, then they can break.

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