4 Excellent Reasons You Should Go Solar

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Home Improvement, Window Installation

The U.S. solar market added about 2.5 GW of solar PV in the first quarter of the year, amounting to an annual growth figure of about 13 percent. Last year, industry revenues reached about $210 million, a huge leap from the $42 million revenues recorded ten years ago, The Conversation reports. If you’re thinking about going solar in your home or business, here are good reasons to give it a try.

Lower your energy bills

The huge upfront expense might run counter to your plans to save up. However, the costs for solar panel installation in Bakersfield are more than worth it when you consider the long-term cost savings you’ll get in the long run. Going solar can pretty much eliminate a lot of your bills.

Enjoy tax credits

A big benefit to going solar is earning tax credits. Some homeowners aren’t even aware that they can get 30 percent of the money they spent on equipment and solar panel installation in Bakersfield as income tax credit when they file their taxes. Don’t make the same mistake. Read up, so you know how to make the most out of those cost-savings.

Earn back what you spent

When you go solar, you can start saving costs from day one. Make the switch, and you’ll see the dramatic reduction in your electricity bills. With the cost-savings you’ll get, you can earn back every penny of what you spent on your solar panels in no time.

Improve resale value

If you have plans to sell the property in the future, the addition of solar panels can improve its resale value to a significant degree. That’s another excellent reason to go solar. If you’re interested and you want to know more about how this will go, don’t hesitate to call. Ask us any questions at Northwest Exteriors.

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