For local moves in the Raleigh area, it may be tempting to try to complete a move on your own. However, these do-it-yourself moves often have significant issues that can result in damage to your items, an increased cost to the move as well as problems occurring throughout the process.

If you are thinking about a do-it-yourself move, there are four key issues that are worth considering before making a final decision.

Expertise in Safe Moving Techniques

A very critical part of the service that movers provide is an understanding of how to safely move your items. This is not as complicated for boxes of items, but it is critical when moving furniture, artwork or fragile items such as electronics and breakable items.

If you have these types of items and are not sure how to protect them and load them in a truck for safe transport, you are running the risk of damage to these items even with short moves.

No Unexpected Costs

Raleigh moving companies can provide a binding estimate for their work, which means you know just what you will pay for the move. Doing the work yourself can lead to unexpected costs in packing and padding materials, fuel, vehicle rental and even paying for additional help.

The Crews Required to Complete the Move

For small apartments to larger homes, the Raleigh moving companies know the number of movers required to get the job done on the required time schedule. This is particularly important to meet deadlines for being out of the residence and avoiding additional costs, penalties or fines.

Valuation and Insurance Coverage

The moving company provides valuation coverage for items that are damaged during the move. It is also possible to get additional insurance for the move, which is not possible or provided when moving items on your own.