4 Reasons To Use A Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

by | May 23, 2018 | Machinery and Tools

When OEMs are designing a new piece of equipment or new system, or even when replacing an older, existing hydraulic cylinder, it is possible to use an off the shelf variety or cylinder or to choose a custom hydraulic cylinder.

The choice of a custom hydraulic cylinder will mean a slightly higher initial cost and a wait time for the design and engineering team to create a draft and then manufacturer the cylinder, there are several advantages or benefits which should be carefully weighed against the slightly higher cost.

Designed for the Specific Use

Having the chance to have the customized design of the hydraulic cylinder to fit with your equipment and system upgrades or new equipment design is a very important factor to consider. These cylinders can be designed to have the capacity and the features required.

Allow for Greater Freedom in System Design

With an off the shelf type of hydraulic cylinder, the system is designed around the cylinder. With a custom hydraulic cylinder, there is much greater freedom to position ports to more effectively run hoses and to create the cylinder to match the system.

Option to Choose Standard or Telescopic Cylinders

When there is the need to lift or move the load a further range than the standard cylinder rod can provide, a telescopic hydraulic cylinder can provide an extended range of motion.

These cylinders have to be carefully designed to ensure the segmented rod can lift the load without twisting or buckling as the rod telescopes up and out. Custom design services, carefully engineer these cylinders to the specifics required for the application.

Full Control Over Quality

By choosing an experienced, reputable and expert custom cylinder manufacturer, you can be assured of the quality of the design and the craftsmanship of the final product. These cylinders will last for years, providing the lifting capacity and capabilities you need.

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