There are many ways to lay a loved one to rest. The myriad options available can make choosing the right one feel impossible, but it is important to remember that the “right” choice is always the one that best suits your family’s needs.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing between the many options for cemetery companies in San Pablo:


The location of a cemetery may be the most important aspect for some families. The ability to easily drive or even walk to a cemetery means that the grave can be visited frequently. For those who have lost a beloved family member, this is often more important than any other consideration.


What does the cemetery you are considering look like? If you are the kind of person who thinks all cemeteries look the same, this is probably not very important to you. However, many people consider a visit to the graveyard a perfect way to reflect on and remember their loved one, either through prayer, walks through manicured grounds, or other ways. Choosing a beautiful burial site is the best way to make this as pleasant as it can be.

Religious Affiliation

Another important consideration for many families when choosing a burial location is religious affiliation. This is especially true for Jewish or Catholic families, who tend to favor burial sites that are closely tied to their own church or a local religious organization in line with their beliefs. Giving your loved one a final resting place that honors the faith they kept in life is a beautiful tribute to that life.

Burial Options

If you or your family have preferences about how your loved one will be buried, that is something you should consider when choosing a cemetery. Many locations allow the burial of both traditional caskets as well as cremated remains. Some also allow for green burials, upright burials, and many other modern burial traditions.

Your individual preferences are always the chief concern when choosing a location, so be sure to speak up about what they are when speaking to representatives. After all, burial is a permanent decision, and your family should be happy with whatever you choose! If you find yourself confused or needing assistance, reach out to the staff at St. Joseph Cemetery & Funeral Center. They have the resources to help you and a deep understanding of exactly what you are dealing with.