People love candy. Want to try your hand at making them? You’ll need to use a good mold. Here are a few tips to help you get the hang of this candy-making must-have.

Find a good mold

A good mold can simplify your life. If you want better, professional results, then invest in silicone candy molds. Top-grade molds can help you get the outcomes you have in mind, not to mention make it easier for you to achieve the shapes and designs you want.

Shop around

There are slews of candy molds out there. Enjoy making candies with fun and fancy shapes. What’s more, these molds work with a variety of ingredients. You can fill them up with chocolate, fudge or even coating. That makes them a versatile tool and an essential tool to add to your collection of candy-making essentials.

Use oil

When you’re molding fudge, you’ll need to apply oil to the molds lightly. That way, the mold won’t stick to the fudge when it’s done. You’ll have an easier time releasing it from the mold later, the Better Homes & Gardens says. That means you won’t have to worry about ruining the design of the fudge when you get it out. Pair it up with chocolate or confectionary sugar for more fun.

Match the mold

If you’re making hard candy, then you’ll want to look for sturdy silicone candy molds so you can be sure they can handle the heat of hard candies without any problems. Lightly oil the molds before you start pouring the candy mixture in. Not a fan of air bubbles? Tap the molds to get rid of them. Wait it out for ten minutes or at least until the candy firms up. Once that’s done, you can invert the mold and let the candy fall out.