There are a lot of choices for floor coatings these days, but picking one without any basis or reasoning isn’t the best way to go about your search. If you want a good coating that’s durable, looks great, and lasts for years and years, then opt for GFC Concrete Coatings. Here are some of the best tips to maintain your newly-coated floors:


Whether for commercial or residential purposes, make sure the floor cures before you use it, especially for areas with heavy foot-traffic. Some coatings can take about as many as 14 days to cure. Keep an eye on your floor for those two weeks and make sure no chemical spills and stains occur in that time. Resume any and all abrasive applications only after the two weeks are done.

Quality Materials

The quality of floor coatings is a factor too, so make sure you get top-of-the-line products from reliable sources. Never compromise on the quality of the products you use for your floor renovation project. Always insist on the best materials you can get at a reasonable cost.

Sweep Everyday

Dirt and grit can really take the shine away from your floors. You might walk on the floor dragging dirt or grit across, and before you know it, you’ll have a ton of scratches and scuffles on your newly coated floors. Keep that from happening by sweeping your floors on a daily basis.

Wipe Spills Quickly

Don’t let spills set in. Some people take too much time before mopping up spills. After all, it’s not going anywhere and if you’re in the middle of dinner, it can be a bit of a hassle to stop just to wipe a puddle on the floor. However, some substances can be harmful to the coating of your floor. If you want to keep your coat shiny and smooth as long as possible, make sure you clean up those spills right away.